Meta studied in Paris and after attending different theatre schools for seven years, she put her acting on hold, to write and to direct her first play, ‘Le Temps N'Existe Pas. She then directed her first short film ‘La Solitude’, which in turn led her to London to study and to work in films. After her second short film ‘Satisfaction’, she started directing commercials and music videos all around the world for luxury brands such as Chanel, Lux, CK, Evian, BMW, Mini etc. Her work is distinguished best by her atmospheric sensual and fairytale-like lighted images. She is attentive to detail and brings out actor’s performances effectively with a forte in efficient storytelling and perfect editing. She loves directing and knows how to get the best out of her crew by her fun-loving spirit of team work and her cheerful confidence of knowing what she needs to film to tell her story in the best way possible.

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